Saturday, January 26, 2008

More pics!

Busy week. I've been out of touch since last Monday? Hon's sister was in town last week to visit and I took the night off to take her out of town for lunch. There's so much to do and we had NO time.

So we went to Sedona but didn't make it to Schnebly as the rain has eroded too much of the roadway. But we had a nice lunch and took some great pics...she enjoyed it much.

Hon, of course, is posing her in all types of pics with different views, etc. Little does sis know she was propped next to this little sign on purpose. She and I are laughing behind the lense and sis is like, what are you two whispering...we showed her the pic on the digital and she shared the humor. She really did get in some great shots.

In other news...we had our lastest ultra sound the following day. All went very well...except as I laid there looking at the wall size screen before me and how cute and moving about they were, I said, aloud, "what are we going to do when they come out?" Let alone, of course, how are they going to come out.

Of that, I'm in denial and do not think of. Every once in a while it creeps in that there are two living "kids" inside of me and it's way too much to comprehend. It can get kind of anxious as well, but hey, people do it all the time. Except for the purchase of a minivan in the near future, it's all good, LOL!

The pics can sometime seem a bit spooky. They're still skinny but the next few weeks they'll start gaining some weight and filling out like babies.

Anyway, the tech, who was WONDERFUL, said they have all their toes, fingers, kidneys, heart (chambers), cords, etc. The brains looked good, they were weighing 9 oz. each, about 10 in. each, and both had 143 heart beats. They may/may not be identical but so far all seems to be in check. Still don't know gender, much to her dismay. Hon almost buckled but I held strong and said no way! I was quite proud of that.

The doc was happy to see I'd finally gained weight. Apparently that was an issue for him, and hon. I guess 1 pound isn't acceptable for twins at 5 months...? Who knew? So, I'm up 7, 10-15 is normal but I'm still good. Most weight is gained in the 3rd tri anyway and goodness knows I'll plump up soon enough.
This last baby pic is like, what are you looking at...well the baby to the left is actually facing away. The upper part is the back of the head, shadow of ear to the right and then the neck and shoulders and back. The thin line to the right of baby a is the membrane showing two different sacs and then a shadow over baby b's head looking somewhat downward.

The picture, in person, is amazing, you can see the shoulder blades and everything. Can't wait for next visit and more pics, although they will be more difficult as they grow, less room to get good shots.

And because I've been going through another exhaustion spell, what do I do with my time? Rock Band of course! We broke it out Casino Night after the chips fell where they may and we played on.

I think I was yelling at someone for failing our set. Or possibly for distracting us which then caused us to fail our song or gig or tour, or something.

Great game, I highly recommend it. Love the guitar and drums but not so much the mic.

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