Sunday, January 20, 2008

Casino Night...take one!

So we held/hosted our first Casino Night Party via Rainbow Fences. About 18 of us played poker and/or craps and had a blast. There was a $10 buy-in per person for $700 in chips, tournament play ... whoever (top 3) ended the eve with the most dough split the pot.

I didn't do too shabby as Craps dealer and gambler extraordinaire. It was difficult to follow but my buds assisted (read: watched me like a hawk, haha). I ended up like 5th or 6th place however hon scored at second place playing poker, at just over $2,400 while our friend Batter cleaned up on the craps table at a nudge over $2,500. Carmie, again on craps, took third at $1,800 +. I was lagging behind at $1,500. But it was fun which was the major deal.

Everyone had a blast; they are all dying to do it again. Some didn't want to leave and by 2 am I was beat and ready for bed. The kitchen this morning was over-flowing in beer cans, wine bottles, varieties of alcohol, and some "red stuff" in a blender...I woke with the biggest head ache, mind you I drank decaf iced tea all eve.

I was wiped...I took a two hour nap this afternoon after cleaning up and a shower. Hon's sister flew in from FL this morning so I had to vacuum and tidy before her arrival. The three of us this early eve was a sight, all of us tired and wrecked for different reasons. They both chilled out as I left for work. Thank goodness it's a short week.

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