Sunday, February 24, 2008

Change we have to believe in...

...couldn't resist; that cult phrase is everywhere...anyway...

Was checking in on the baby boards tonight and read a very sad and stirring update. You can read about it further here.

We mum/mothers/moms/etc. to be have been plagued with so many things to be done. Above and beyond the monthly/bi-weekly/weekly monitoring and testing that needs to be done there is also the preparation at home. Painting the nursery, picking out the furniture, researching the right cloth diapers/covers, learning to fold cloth diapers, deciding the theme(s) for the baby(ies), and last but not least, choosing the automobile for the family.

As I've previously posted, Hon purchase my dream car for Christmas not so long ago and's been discussed and I have been in denial and we've looked at alternatives but with twins on the way it is ultimately not likely to be using the Saab as my ride much longer. Although I have proven I can fit two infant car seats/bases in the back seat, it's not quite suitable to hold much more than that.

We've been doing the research and even tested (rented) a mini van for our latest Cali adventure this year - but have yet to conclude what we will purchase. We currently have the Saab, the kid's Tracker, and a Ford Explorer (7-passenger) however we will inevitably need an 8-passenger vehicle. Our options are gas-guzzling SUV's or dorky-styled minivans. After renting the mv they have much improved and the storage capacity is ridiculously favorable!!! But alas, it is a mv and my Saab driving tush (ego) is having difficulty with that. She isn't going anywhere, thank GOODNESS!!! but not to have her daily will be change enough.

Anyway - my fellow baby-boarder just parted with her auto-love for another, more practical and I felt deeply for her trade off and understood her sadness. The reward for doing so far out weighs the loss but it is a loss nonetheless that needs to be mourned.

Now I know how my father felt when he showed me those pics of his metallic blue Chevelle that my mother MADE him get rid of when I came on board, lol!

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