Friday, June 05, 2009

1st B-day BOGOs

So last week we had the babes 1st year party along with the eldest H.S. Grad party. The kids spent a week on creating a new and improved mud pit. We used the bobcat to excavate a space, dropped near 2 tons of screened/filtered quality dirt upon a Queen egg crate mattress pad all on top of a $25.00 tarp to create the essence of comfort while gettin down n dirty. It paid off. Kids had a blast.

We also rented a blow up dual water slide. Can't wait for the water bill?!?! Got more trees in and set a up a stage for the Kareoke which made our neighbors ears bleed well into the night. We finally closed it down around 11pm and the kids all crashed in the living room.

I was grill master throughout the day and night. The babies napped and were opposite (of all days) so we had two separate singing/cake moments - which I think may have actually worked better. We had one cake after lunch and the other after dinner.

We did manage one photo of all of us and several during the events. Grandpa worked for the previous week on restoring some old wood rocking horses he happened upon. He was very proud and everyone ranted and raved about them.

Anyway, everyone had a really great time - we partied from 1pm til midnight and thankfully I had the forsight to take the next day off from work. We RESTED the entire next day!

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