Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Up all night...

...used to mean something really different. LOL!

Chloe had a night - BOY did she have a night. Would not go to bed so she hung out with me on the couch til just after midnight. Laid her down and she was up again screaming at 2 am. Put her in bed with me where she tossed and turned and was up and down til about 5am where Mama finally put her back in the crib where she eventually cried herself to sleep. My alarm went off at 5:20 to shower and dress and go to work.

I guess Mother's Day is over - there are no lingering affects - HAHAHAHA.

Here are some overdue pics - some are Grayson flirting with these "older" girls (3 and 5) at the table next to us at the Macaroni Grill. Another (above) is Chloe showing her attitude because I won't let her in the kitchen. Then when we went car shopping after the accident for the new van, Grayson was just like his Grandfather (and myself) and relished the idea of new car smell.
And here is Chloe really enjoying her "chipper" oatmeal chocolate cookie from Paradise Bakery. I missed a major opp here because the chocolate consumed her face shortly after this pic. But due to the amount of filth I had to "parent-up" and clean her rather than get the pic as we were out and about and I didn't want her outfit ruined. How droll, right?! Eh...next time!

They are getting around more and more on their feet these days. The countdown has begun and we are nearing the ONE YEAR mark. Everyone is coming into town this weekend for the B-day and Graduation party. It should be a lot of fun. Plus we have trees* now so it will be pretty AND fun.

*The trees are 15 and 24 gallon so they are little now but one day they will be mighty!! Redwood and Shamel Ash and Chinese elm....so excited!!! Plus we planted Red Tips hedges along the side and the sprinkler system is working - what could possibly be better?!??!

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