Monday, April 27, 2009

Atlas Shrugged #2 to Bible...

... on the Most Influential Books of All Time List (Library of Congress/Book-of-the-Month Club survey).

Read an article this am on CNN regarding increased Ayn Rand book sales, namely Atlas Shrugged, since January of '09. Current economic climate has created a resurgence of her popularity, it seems. I've always been a fan; even from the left. The article refers to Rush as another of her fans; scary! But as pointed out in the article by a spokesperson of the institution she founded:
...selfishness did not mean disengagement from the world or sociopathy. "Rational self-interest, egoism, in Ayn Rand's perception is not being Bernie Madoff, not thinking short-term and satisfying just whims, and cheating and lying and stealing," he said. "It is about pursuing what's truly in your rational, long-term self-interest, figuring out what's good for you, without exploiting, taking advantage, without stealing from other people, without sacrificing from other people to yourself.
"But also," he added, "without sacrificing yourself to other people."

That's exactly how I've always taken Objectivism - it's not about abusing others; climbing over others. It's about being self-sufficient and competent and respectable. You can help others however there is no true self-less acts. It all resorts back to self-worth. It's not rocket science - but it is interesting.

Oh, and apparently the movie is shelved ... again ... for now...

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