Thursday, June 19, 2008

Due Date

So the babies are due today yet they will be a month old tomorrow! Grayson is over 7 lbs and Chloe is right behind him. They've grown out of much of their preemie wear...he is totally in new born gear but she can still get her svelt figure in some preemie stuff. They have changed so much - become more individual and are developing personalities.

We visited my great-aunt a week ago. She was unable to visit the house or hospital (she'll be 95 in August) so we made a special trip so she could see the bogos. The family is planning another huge party for her b-day...her son and daughters threw a big one 5 years ago for her 90th. It was like the old days back east when the family all got together at a rented hall and drank and danced and had the best of times! It will be a lot of fun and everyone is already looking forward to it.

This will be the bogos first family party, of course they won't quite be old enough to recall any of it but they'll be in some photos and she will enjoy having them there and that's what it's all about anyway.

So here are the most recent pics! Grayson is still a little guy...for now.
He puts up with a lot from her...only from her. Anyone changes him, cleans him, dresses or undresses him and you will meet his wrath!

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