Tuesday, June 03, 2008

New pics

Hon's been taking pictures...here's the latest!

They like to sleep together. They tend to sooth each other which makes sense, naturally. He is so laid back which is great as she is high strung; hitting him and pulling on him all the time. He continues to sleep right through it all.

Although, yesterday Hon and I swear he was faking it just to annoy her. She pulls his lip and slaps him on top of the head trying to wake him up. He doesn't budge and she gets more irritated.

She has the biggest eyes taking in everything that goes on around her. She isn't a huge fan of sleeping but loves to observe and takes in all things moving and still. He is very intense. He frowns and stares deeply at me most times. He is quiet and mellow and appears to be in deep thought in almost every moment. The only time he gets excited is when he's hungry and I don't jump fast enough. He gets pissed...severely! Watching him, it is as if he's going to blow a blood vessel.
The kids like to take turns feeding them and holding them. They have been a tremendous help however they also like to wake them up so they can feed and hold them. Now we've come to threats...you wake them you babysit for the rest of the night. Seems to have solved that problem, lol!

They've been a lot of fun. More than I anticipated especially considering they don't really do anything. It's just fund to watch them. The way they already interact with one another is still quite amazing. They are so connected already it's a beautiful thing.

The shower is this coming weekend! We'll have a household until the middle of July...I just found out! Much family will be coming in from NY, FL, and CA to stay with us. Grandma and Grandpa will finally get their first chance to babysit the BOGOs while they're in town as we're going to head out dancing...which I can't recall the last time we've done that. We were laughing yesterday as we strolled through the store with our carts feeling like some old couple. I'm really looking forward to it...the dancing...and the old couple part :D

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