Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Scoping for the fall!

There are several adventures I've come across over the past few years that I'm going to focus on happening this Autumn 2006. One that I had planned on about 4 years ago with someone I had briefly dated was the Havasu Falls hike/camp weekend. More on this can be found here. I'm not in the shape I want or need to be for this. Five years ago, yea but now - pshh, no.

So, I've been gradually getting myself back on track since the first of this year and all the 'incidents' that occured with getting sick etc. I enjoy going and when I'm in the gym there's nothing like that time you get to just be with you, ya know? But to have a physical goal beyond just getting healthy and getting your youth/figure back etc, it's more of a motive for me anyway to have these trips as an incentive.

So, after doing some more research on the area and other hikes I've uncovered a few other places one being The Wave which is north of the Grand Canyon. It's between the Arizona and Utah borders and from what I've read it actually crosses into both states. It has been given major kudos as a substantial hike and from the different picks I've seen it is quite a sight. The stratus and formations look incredible - be looking forward to uploading my own pics when I get there and back. That one I can wait on. It's the Canyon falls I want to explore first as it has had my heart the longest.

My hon doesn't know it yet but we're going to get in on this one. The only thing I haven't decided on yet and much of that will depend on my endurance at showtime; is whether or not to backpack in and camp creekside or stay at the lodge 2.5 miles from the actual falls and just daypack in and out over the weekend. I know the only way to go is the backpack but with supplies at the most minimal it's adding at least 30 lbs. of gear etc. We'll have to see. It's 21 miles of hiking round trip and the first 2 miles are straight into the canyon by way of switchbacks. I'm not the most graceful so in the interest of injuring myself, we may even opt to bring the packs down by mule...another we'll see. This will be by far the most difficult I've ever done - listed at a 4 from 1 - 5. I'm ready to welcome the challenge and plan to do it again and again. I hear the trip is quite addictive.
I've never been a huge fan of the state from a day to day perspective but there really is so much to explore in Arizona and I've hiked plenty already in the Sedona, Payson, and Flagstaff areas.

I hiked a lot in my 20's and my dog, Ally and I have seen and swam through a lot. She isn't in the shape she once was either so I'll have to make the treks without her and just show her the slides when I get back. But yea, there's at least one of these trips I plan to make this fall. If I have time I'll try to squeak another in before October ends.

Getting excited.

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DrM2B said...

Those pics are beautiful!!! But as U know, being the princess that I am, I would prefer to heli in and out.....save all the energy for swimming and enjoying the falls ......but hey...thats me. =) On the plus side...Jeanne said the heli ride out was absolutely breathtaking .....