Monday, May 08, 2006

Finished! Just...

It took two months longer than I had anticipated but I did finally complete Fingersmith. WOW! Best work of her's I've read yet. It took me to page 70 to move with it but once I reached that mark I flew through the book. It's been a 'bible' at my side for the past week where I've been reading bits and pieces at every given moment available.

Anyone who's read Sarah Waters knows she is an incredible story teller as her previous works: Tipping the Velvet and Affinity are both set in 19 century London and spin incredible character development that pulls you right in. Fingersmith is on the same page as her previous novels. Started a bit slower or else I just had a hard time getting going but like in Affinity where you end the book with such emotion and betrayal, Fingersmith ends the first part with that same blaze of emotion. Part two continues the rollercoaster of emotion bringing you rushes of anger and panic as well as the plummetting lows of pain and suffering. Finally, in part three, you are brought so high in the climactic moment that you can't breathe and are running through line after line and page after page wishing you read faster and faster to find out the secrets and fates of the characters.

Looking forward to picking up the DVD and seeing if they can re-enact this story as well as they filmed T the V. With Part One and Two overlapping in story, it will be interesting how they maneuver the movie.

And although it hasn't been said - I HIGHLY recommend this, still palpatating over the ending.


wen said...

I loved TTV, but haven't yet read Affinity. I'll definitely check out Fingersmith, though, based on your rec. I can't beleive they're going to make it into a movie. I liked what they did with TTV, too.

Goeve said...

Just started on Night Watch, let you know how it turns out. Got my dvd couple of days ago and I'll be enjoying that this weekend, fill you in there as well. And YES TTV was done wonderfully so my hopes are high.