Monday, May 08, 2006

Can you say, Hypocrit?!

Okay, it's been a while that I've posted, this I know. I've been buried in a book I wanted to finish so with that done I can catch up on the latest news that just set me off.

Seriously giving benefit of the doubt, I tuned into PrimeTime last Friday to see the interview with Cheney's daughter...I'm not even going to use her first name because she is evidently without any identity of her own anyway.

I can appreciate that she may be a republican, lesbian woman. Is she? Still don't know although she does answer questions like a politician. While I will definitely give her credit for poise and excellent articulation, I can only say she has more spin potential than a merry-go-round.

She spoke of her struggle and inner conflict during the 2004 presidential campaign as they had an obvious hard stance against homosexuality and their hate was such that they actually sought to amend the constitution to further discriminate against homosexuals for marriage, adoption, breathing, etc.

He life partner of a significant time has been embraced by her mother and father and is one of her family although never to be legal? How does one compromise their own freedoms and beliefs to back their father? Regardless of her father, she stated she would have STILL supported and elected Bush?! She did make mention that she couldn't run the race soley on this one issue however given it is HER life that she was touting for it's not just a sole issue any longer but your own future.

My father and I adamently disagree with politics and he does see it as special rights and doesn't think kids should be brought into the mix as they have it hard enough, and blah blah - and I love him and he loves me regardless of all this. However and I stress HOWEVER - I would NEVER support his political platform, ideas, beliefs, or vote him in knowing he does not serve MY best interest at heart - one in which has no bearing on the rest of the world in the terms of REALITY and not religious rhetoric.

Do I understand her relationship and love for her parents, yes. Can I understand her support under the 2004 campaign...absolutely not. She was a tolken and got used, period.

Whew...I'm back! LOL.

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