Sunday, May 06, 2007

Pics of the day...

Bolting out of work 'cause I'm burnt and tired. Took a half night as I spent the day celebrating Cinco - here are some pics from the splash park. All the kids (and moms) had a blast. Temps were mild, wind was great for the kites, but the sun still chapped my hide. The shower was a pleasant relief but alas, I now get to go home and rest.

We also celebrated one of our friend's b-days and played some games; acted like competitive children ourselves!!

I love this face!! He is too squeezable! He did, however, cheat at the cake eating contest. It was to be hands off, faces in the bowls only. But that cool stare down, when I tried to explain the rules, made me back off.

Kids were lounging while the big ones entertained them.

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