Sunday, August 24, 2008


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In San Fransisco, in 2002 there was a horrific death of Diane Whipple by her neighbor's two dogs. Mauled to death, Lacrosse coach Diane Whipple died in front of her door in the apartment hallway. One of the dogs owners had been walking the dog when the attacked occurred. She was tried for second degree murder and found guilty, then it was reduced, and recently now has been reinstated.

She's already served 3 years of her 4 year sentence (released early for good behavior) and now is back in custody appealing the reinstatement. She's looking at 15 to life for second degree murder. Her disregard for other people and lack of concern over her dogs' actions was disgusting. A civil suit by Diane's life partner was successful and the money then donated.

I followed this from the beginning. It was such a devastating story and because of the woman's sexuality, there was some margin for setting precedence as well. Especially pertaining to the civl suit against the couple from Diane's partner.

The idea of her death and the process that took place and how this woman didn't do anything to prevent or truly stop it is mind boggling. I hope it sticks.

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