Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hillary Part Deux?!

Just sharing some buzz found on the web since the VP announcement.

Obama supporters are angry with HRC supporters for "being bitter" and "sour grapes" etc. however their own arrogance is beginning to cause some dismay for those who were merely leaning on the B.O. side of life. They need to humble themselves and extend themselves to the HRC or they will fall short come November.

"The bond we have is that we've all been bullied by Obama supporters and heard misogynistic slurs against Hillary. I was actually called a racist by an old friend. It's been unbelievable."

I've experienced this one first hand...a family member who perhaps knows me better than anyone threw the race card in my direction when I said I was an HRC supporter last Feb. The "discussion" grew quite aggressive and loud quickly and ended terribly. We are both supposedly on the same side (Dems), no?

"She can't even breathe without it somehow being derogatory towards him.they are already bellowing that "she must do more to make her supporters fall in line."

When all else fails, blame someone else. She's been a target of the media from the jump and appears to just be collecting more and more heat as the race grows longer and his rating slides ... although I heard there was a recent jump after the Biden announcement.

"I understand her decision to support Obama. She is a pol. I am a voter. Look at what happens when he picks a VP. They make it all about Clinton. And thus, she has won already in many very important ways. This country never will be quite the same."

This country, hopefully, WON'T be the same. It's time sexism is just as bad as racism. The jokes aren't funny and history has shown women to always be the 2nd class citizen, last to gain the vote, last to own property, perhaps last to be elected into office?

"... when she hits the stump for him, she also hits the stump ...for downticket Dems who are suddenly discovering the Obama Gravy Train isn't as overflowing as they had been promised it would be."

It never is as green as you think it to be. Time will ultimately tell and they can try to spin the hell out of it if/when it happens but we will know. We will see it for what it truly is. Hopefully we can believe the hype.

"Hillary's shoring up her support for her inevitable run in 2012. She...see(s) the handwriting on the wall and it ain't pointing toward Obama raising his right hand on Inauguration Day."

It's not that we can't survive another 4 years of the elephant in the room. But should we? Is it wise for our country and what will happen in the meantime that someone else will eventually have to dig us out from under?

"But, when her time comes, people will remember her hitting the stump, raising money, getting much needed votes and being someone who came through for them even in the face of ridicule and scorn from Party Elders, the MSM and the Nominee of her own Party."

Will they? Or will they be angry that HRC supporters (now going by PUMAs?) wouldn't vote or voted McCain? I've read Obama supporters stating they don't need her 18million votes and if they lose they will be sure not to vote for her in 2012...yet the PUMAs are accused as vindictive? Pot calling Kettle, hello...

"This woman is anything but stupid and...knows the value of relationships. Especially in politics."

Stupid she isn't, flawless, no but she does know the game to play and when to play it. According to some sites, her numbers still outweigh McCain but I never put too much stock into polls. Who really knows the numbers and margin for error, blah blah blah. Hell, perhaps this is all drama for naught simply to prevent a boring election year?

*Quoted comments gathered from Talk Left "comments" which is linked to my

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