Tuesday, August 26, 2008

BO beats down HRC; PEW!

Is he not a grown man? Is he not responsible for his self?

He will lose in November if this Clinton bashing continues. It is the Obama supporters that continue to shove a wedge and their candidate down everyone's throats.

The Clintons are biting their tongues, being incredibly gracious, and stomping for Obama DAILY; they are doing what is expected. They shouldn't be expected to do anything. I read someone raise the point, did Kennedy do this for Carter in 1980? Other examples were given, hell just research history - no other primary runner has done more for the presumptive nominee than Hillary Clinton yet she is still being blamed (prematurely) if this guy doesn't make it to the big house. Give me a break already.

This ungrateful bashing by all of those Obama suporters just pisses us off - in the heat of the moment and out of sheer passion people spew back about voting for McCain. In all honesty, I truly don't think most of those who say it will do it...much like telling to your parents in the heat of an argument that you hate them. But stop talking about Hillary's responsiblity to UNITE the party - we are not her lemmings. We supported her. You want our votes for Obama; Obama you come and get them. Show me why you are my guy. Because you clung to her skirt in every debate "I agree with her but..."

Stop talking about the Clintons and start talking about your policies, your direction, your plan, hell discuss McCain, NOT Hillary. THEN you MIGHT have a chance at the White House.

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