Tuesday, August 12, 2008

No more balloons!

Many grew up on it and many still enjoy it. For those fans you may want to peruse this site! I'm referring to Peanut Butter. If you weren't aware there is a Peanut Butter Ban you can read about further on MSN.
While reading the article it reminded me of another ban popping (no pun intended) up on campus. No Balloon Zone. This is just recently posted all over the Sandra Day O'Conner High School. There is a balloon with the striked out circle over it and "Latex-free Zone" beneath it. Evidently a new student has arrived that is allergic. The school agreed to ban balloons from the HS for this student.

This isn't grade school folks. I would think a teenager (amongst a crowd of condom carrying teens) can avoid touching a balloon that a friend or group of friends may bring in to celebrate another's birthday, no? Are we so without personal responsibility that everyone must go without the whimsy of helium to save one childs inability to save him/her self? How will they cope in the real world as their employer won't likely make the same concession? Why would the school and their parent opt to place their child in an unrealistic setting or bubble?

As it mentions in the article (referring back to pb), traces of peanut butter can be left behind on the tables, chairs, utensils. It can unknowingly be transmitted to the "victim" and cause very disastrous consequences. Understandably, there are greater issues with Peanut Butter as it is primarily a young child's diet staple.

They aren't thinking about consequences as much if at all and can be thoughtless and / or careless. I don't agree with but somewhat understand the PB ban as there is a greater risk for a younger child/children not to realize the dangers involved. It would be great if a compromise were worked out. The little one's school has Peanut Free Tables in the cafeteria. Many schools do this and appear to have success. I think bans in general aren't nearly as effective anyway.

My issue on this post, however is the latex free zone that SDOHS is enforcing. Is this a ploy for busting kids with condoms? Or is this just a sick witch hunt for clowns? Inquiring minds demand to know!

It truly is unrealistic and I think there needs to be a protest.

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