Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Can it be...?

Although it has been my long standing belief that Dagny Taggert could only be played by none other than Jodie Foster, I have read and can see the possibility of another actor in the role.

"Edwin A. Salt" will undergo a title change, and if everything falls into place, the film shapes up as a return vehicle for Jolie, who recently gave birth to twins. Another candidate for her return is the Lionsgate drama "Atlas Shrugged," which has been adapted by Randall Wallace from the Ayn Rand novel.

Even at an older age than the character I still see Foster slam-dunking this role. It is her from head to toe and I don't know that Jolie can pull of the stature of Dagny as well. Albeit it's taken forever for this movie to get off the ground and considering the celebrities in this role's age category I think Jolie is a great alternative.

Taggert is a strong willed and minded woman with class and posture. She doesn't mince words and can be quite gruff while still being quite attractive and desireable. She's independent and intense with just the slightest bit of vulnerability.

Jolie has a serious shoe to fill with this one. She's done the intense and strength roles with Foxfire, Hackers, Lara Croft, etc. She's shown vulnerability as the CIA agent's wife which was nice and subtly played out in the Good Shepard. I quite enjoyed her in that movie actually.

Now she has to combine all of that whilst remaining postured and superior. There's a part of me that thinks she may just be too sexual for the role...I don't know, I'll have to marinate on that one. I'd like to see who will be playing her antagonists...never mind John Galt, who is Hank Reardon?

Should be interesting. I look forward to the day it's in the can!

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