Saturday, April 22, 2006


Living in AZ, when Spring is in the air I begin to quiver in fear of the oncoming months (ergo HEAT) as summer draws really super fast and I then truly get cranky and angry because it's freakin hot!
However, this Spring has brought with it, a little something cool. First of all, it has shown a mild change from Winter with us not quite yet reaching 90's so I'm quite happy with that. But more so is I have finally arrived to a place where I need to move on. As I know I've mentioned before, I work in a cube. Yes, I'm one of those. I've been working as an appraiser's apprentice to earn my hours and experience to test and receive my license which takes approximately 18 mos. to 2 years. I have about a year left to go - not quite however it has been quite slow and although interesting, it's not a secure, steady income that I have grown spoiled in receiving.

Well, after coming down with a Spring cold, a bit of a nasty one too( I know, again!?). So, I was out a few days at work which led to my manager being concerned. Hold on - he wasn't concerned that I was sick again only a couple months from being out of the That doesn't happen in the corporate world. His concern was for the amount of days I've missed this year. Mind you I did return with my doctor's note and I had the hospital docs, report, and short-term disability paperwork filled out for my hospital stay - guess he mistook that for a vacation resort??

So, fuming with smoke from my ears and fire from my nose, I decided I've finally f*cking had enough and began searching for a NOW career while continuing the path toward my license. If I had the time and financial means to do it all over again, I'd have finished in Forestry or perhaps some form of geological study - LOVE volcanoes...but I don't so I needed to find something not requiring school, starting salary not far from what I'm leaving behind, and something that ties into what I am working towards with land and real estate inspection/valuation.

So the City of Phoenix is hiring and I'm looking and I met all the criteria and the salary isn't great but do-able and it's relating to planning and zoning so I thought, why not? Worst that happens is I don't get the job however I now have the fire in my belly to get my ass in gear and move on. I have been more than dissatisfied for long enough and it's not like it's getting any better.

It has definitely lightened my step the last few days and my partner and I had a wonderful weekend because of it. Not that I'm out of the clear but for a few days at least I have felt a little lighter and a bit brighter to feel (if only in fantasy) that I'm some place happier. It's amazing what a negative atmosphere can do to you. In reality life truly is too short to waste that kind of time - ten years this May. Although to be fair I didn't detest the place like a sickness until three years ago so...I've been pretty fortunate.

So I take my exam in a couple of weeks and already issued a brand new PRETTY resume in an attempt to dazzle. The long term goal is to be with planning and zoning with parks and recreation. Anything outdoors would be splendid for a while - I know - but I hate the weather in the Summer?!?!?! It's all good if you love your job. It's been a loooonng time since I could say that. But just how I've felt the past couple of days - I can't wait to get off this coaster and join the human race again. Wow, I've been working graves for over eight years...I can only imagine... I need a napkin - drooling at the thought! LOL!!!!


DrM2B said...

So sorry to hear you've been sick again!......I think its that the rumor mill told U....Yes Dee did see me in the hallways....I still dont have a 'puter assigned to me and as we know facilities has everything from the 'puters and the electricity being used tied to a cost center ....I cant sign on to do any work yet. so when dee ran into me I was on my way to a hoteling room to do some reading.

Goeve said...

I hear you've got the crud at your house as well. Some Spring air cleaning out the valley, I suppose. So typical they have you there to work with no id's, pc, etc. And YES indeed, it is this place. We are both looking forward to my departure. Really shooting for Summer. They're simply sucking whatever brain and personality I have left, I fear. Wow, that was dramatic, LOL!