Monday, April 24, 2006

Found a solid number four to the list...

Waaay ago in a post far far away...yea, anyway, I posted a while back about the top 5 celebrities you would like an opportunity to "meet". Now in another post NOT so long ago, I was very clear that there isn't one I'd care to kiss and that I really don't have a desire to just jump in bed with anyone however in the spirit of the game there are some I would love to meet and talk and do truly admire. Well, the list has been solid from the jump: 1) Salma Hayek, 2) Sara McLachlan, 3) Susan Sarandon, and now (DRUMROLL) .

4) Sara Ramirez

Which just goes to show you I DO have something for women whose names begin with "S" eerie isn't it????

Anyway, I noticed her immediately since she joined the cast of Grey's Anatomy which is about the only and I mean truly ONLY show I watch anymore. Evidently she's done MUCH theatre and I'm only sad I haven't the chance to hear her sing or see her in a production. Something to look forward to I suppose. I've added her site to my list for newsworthy events and to expose her even further to those who'd like to acquaint themselves with her work. She really does have a hell of a bio and the potential to be an incredible star to reckon with. There's something about her that really reaches through the screen. Think it's those smoldering eyes? Maybe? A little?

LOL - but there truly is something quite captivating about this woman and talk about heat - ouch! So, she is definitely in the top 4 and I feel very confident and COMMITTED, dare I say - to add her in my top 5 women of all time. Yea, she's a keeper!

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DrM2B said...

yes ...but who are your alternates now???.....and I agree....quite smoldering !....LOL