Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Saving Face

Rented a spectacularly entertaining little flick this weekend. Okay, actually I had my partner pick it up on her outing to the video store while the kids were with their dad...but I told her to get it so I'll claim it. Anyway, I must give it some notice because it was a very good movie. I haven't enjoyed a movie like that in some time; the really feel good kind when it's all over. The kind you don't want to end and just keep eavesdropping on like someone's life? That kind. So my honey and I are chillin' on the couch watching this movie and laughing and feeling everything going on and sat with these goofy smiles.

Most lesbian movies are maybe B but more likely C movies. They are written poorly, shot horribly, and pretentious, stupid, or boring. There is no real connection. Not this time. First of all, it's not just about their homosexual relationship although of course that does have a role in the movie. It's more about the whole picture and how it fits in with their lives...

It's a young Asian woman surgeon who falls for another Asian woman dancer and they live in New York and their parents and communitee for that matter are very, shall we say, dated! Old school and honor to the hilt so being lesbians isn't something the young doc is comfy with. Then her mother throws a wrench into her budding romance and she has to contend with that as well. Not to mention the dancer's father is the doc boss. But I don't want to say anything further for it is sooo worth the watch and after viewing it I realized why it was done as well as it was. Evidently Will Smith was one of the producers. AHHH, now I see.

It was shot well, written wonderfully, acted superbly, and worth the $3.95 we paid to see it. It is something I'd even consider buying which is huge because I'm not a movie collector by any means; I think I own maybe 7? So, if you have a free afternoon or evening, I highly recommend it.


wen said...

I really enjoyed that one too. I saw it at a theater, and the rest of the crowd seemed to like it, too.

Goeve said...

Thanks for stopping by, wen. Yea, it's been a long time since I have actually ENJOYED a movie and this was it. I really recommend it to everyone. Very cute, funny, and touching movie.