Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Let it snow...

Perhaps not the sentiments of those in the Northwest or Midwest regions, however in good ol' Arizona, I welcome it. We drove up Saturday, took the evening off, and spent the day sledding. Kids had a blast as did me and my hon. We raced down the hill on this most awesome new sled I bought her for Christmas LAST year but was never able to use due to a horrible warm winter.

Well we busted it out this year and WOW was that thing fast. Comfortable and big, we all took turns on it. Then there were the snow boards, which wasn't too bad. We were amazed how quick the little ones just got on and took them down the hill. Didn't fall once. The big one's had a tougher time of it but we only brought the little one's board as it fit in the truck. It was an impromptu trip so we didn't really plan ahead well. Anyway, she and I also took a run on the board. It was pretty cool and although it's weird being strapped in with both feet on ONE board, it's really not that awful either.

I'll post some pics once I go through them all. We took tons. The ride up was quick, pics along the way. It began snowing on us about 1/2 hour prior to Flagstaff which I was surprised for. Ice on the roads by Munds Park and onward. Some wrecks here and there but nothing too terrible. We were on the mountain for about 3-4 hours. Between 15 degree temps, wind, and lack of gloves (on me - gave mine to the 10 year old who soaked hers), it was time to go. After thawing my hands and getting everyone in dry gear, we headed home trying to beat the sunset.

We got home just after 7pm, ordered pizza picked up some movies, lit the fireplace and we all huddled on the couch for warmth and relaxation. Perfect day, perfect evening. It was VERY nice. And best of all, we now know we can make a sled trip for the day if that's all the time we're allotted. We usually go up for an overnight or two so this was a good trial run. Especially since we didn't get on the road officially until almost 10:30. Not bad at all and we all had a great time. Yes, keep the snow coming!

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