Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Happy New Year...belated...hm

After working the Christmas Holiday I had the week of New Year off. Took those four blessed days to nurse a cold and get some stuff done about the home. Lights were down I think by 12/27? Rearranged the entire house to make room for the kids pc's and our own office space etc. Set up the Tivo - eureka, what a great product! And pretty much just put things in order and ready for the new year. We accomplished a lot. Saw Dancing with the Stars, the tour. Was a nice spot of fun; far better than I had anticipated and it was a gift for others and they had great fun so goal was also accomplished.

Did make it to the theatre for Dreamgirls and Night at the Museum. Highly recommend the musical; yea I know I said it...the musical was good! Excellent! Beyonce nails this song at the end that you just look at her and are "WOW!" Very well executed. Museum....eh? Expected more, received less. Not the blockbuster it was played to be or could have been. Owen Wilson definitely made it what it was, IMO anyway. Funny, when he first arrived on the scene I couldn't stand him or his penis nose. Now, I enjoy him very much and appreciate most that he does.

So after much delay about nothing, I'm back. Lots of catching up to do in blog world...sheesh!

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wen said...

ohhhh dancing with the stars! i'm full season behind with the tv show (lack of tv reception will do that to you). glad you enjoyed the live version of it...how cool!