Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bad pics

Just thought I'd share some really crappy pictures off my cell phone.

Took the baby for her first ride in the Saab. She was flipped out by the car...not used to anything other than SUVs she quickly explored the vehicle while I entered the 'mart for beverage and rested on the back window dash. Took some convincing but she finally got down.

So, took the car in, as I believe I have posted previously, for some warranty work done. Had buttons replaced, headlight lenses replaced, etc. This is a Cadillac/Saab dealer so when I was picking up the rental they offered me an Impala. I asked if they had anything smaller; the guy responded he never heard that asked here...made sense with the Cadillac crew.

They took care of everything and then some. The CD player wasn't in yet so I'd need to come back another day for that when it did arrive. When I turned in the rental keys the woman who was now at the desk said 9-3 drivers aren't very thrilled with Enterprise at this local anyway because of the selection. She was putting another 9-3 driver in an SUV and the woman told her "no way, not happening"; I totally empathized with her, lol.

So about three days go by and I get that call; cd player is in. It will take a couple of hours so I call my hon to pick me up and do some shopping.

While I'm in the "Customer Lounge" waiting, I notice the assortment of refreshments they have for those who choose to linger for their cars. There's bagels, scones, donuts, and muffins to the left and a toaster and microwave for whichever warming utility you prefer. In the center, below the tv, is a cooler with V8, juice, water, and soda. There're coffees and teas and an espresso/cappuccino machine next to that. But perhaps the item that most tickled my fancy was on the far left, near the gentleman standing (tried to zoom it in), is an ice cream machine. There are cups and cones, again for whichever your preference, and the flavour on this particular day was pistachio almond. I was tempted but, alas my ride arrived all too quickly and I didn't partake. Yea, I am loving this car for a multitude of reasons.

They made the interior look brand new and the exterior shine like an angel. Each time I bring it in they return her washed and polished. She's dirty from the rain last week so I'm bringing her back in...kidding. Took some great winter pics (autumn elsewhere) of her in the leaves as the trees dumped their foliage last month. I'll try to post when I get them downloaded. I know you're absolutely waiting with baited breath now; just remember to breathe.

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