Thursday, May 08, 2008

8 month (34 wks) Pics

Well, after two weeks without work and a hospital visit for contractions, doc has officially pulled me from the office til delivery, at which time I'll begin maternity leave. I have no idea what the hell I will do with that time...I'm already bored! Can't shop as we're not buying anything til they arrive but I have done some window shopping via online. Not in the mood to walk around shopping - GASP! I know! Get too tired! Anyhow - we got some great pics of Baby B this past week - they're about 5 lbs each and doc will induce by end of month if they don't make their own way. I'm ready..for them to leave my body that is. I'm sure it will all kick in but there is that anxiety like there will be two babes in the home...what the heck!?!?!

Here are the latest pics:
Well, I am tired now so - nap time!

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