Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Hon likes to make fun of me and my visions of family (resembling those of Norman Rockwell).
We'll discuss the future and how we want to have things, what we'd like to acheive, what we want for family traditions, etc. Granted I know mine are a bit more "old fashioned" but it's not as if they aren't possible, right?

There are certain things I recall of my own childhood that I know resemble those moments. The winters - coming into the house from the cold, feeling that crunch beneath the boots as you hurry to take off the cold and wet scarves and gloves; trying to get warmed up before the stove or over a bowl of soup.

Or summer eves catching lightening bugs in mayo jars and hearing the frogs and crickets chirp while out in the back yard or park barbecueing and playing tag or kick the can. The only music from someone with a guitar or whistling. The smell of bug spray and those candles burning to keep the mosquitos away.

I still expect we'll have our annual gatherings up north sledding/skiing only hopefully, by the time we have grandchildren we'll be staying in our own cabin on an acre or more of land.

And although the kids may move away in another state or perhaps just across town, I would expect we'll still all get together for holidays with our extended families and enjoy the same things we always have. As it is, we fly kites at the park, enjoy sitting down to dinner together...at least the majority of the week. We take road trips and spend the day together in the car singing (or is it fighting) over the radio. We'll take an evening out to the pizzeria for Italian ices or ice cream...those little moments that you reflect upon as an adult from your own childhood, you know? It's a bit different in AZ but perhaps our time as a family playing Rock Band will count for something? LOL!

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