Sunday, October 02, 2005

So...some background

Because the "Profile" is so vague and very fill in the box, I'll add a synopsis on 'me'. Not so much from an interest perspective but if you do happen to view the blog I find it's somewhat important to know who you are 'getting to know' and what that person's about. So, I am happily cohabitating with someone in a monogomous relationship for the moment. It is classified as an alternative lifestyle however an alternative to what?!? I shudder to think...

We have four children and four dogs, two fish and a bird. We are both in transition to bigger and better careers both for our sanity and lifestyle - with 4 kids in school from 8 - 14 years of age, flexibiliy isn't an option but a way of life...still trying to swallow that one, hang on.

As I am a virgo I am somewhat orderly so having 4 children enter my life has been a set of adjustments. I no longer have my own bathroom, my refrigerator is full of EMPTY stuff, my car is a closet and notebook...(car!)that's going to change! I mean it! And I can never find the tv remote control or a pair of scissors.

Not all bad though...I hardly ever have poo duty, take out the trash, or clear the table after dinner : ) - seriously there have been many blessings with whatever may be the shortcomings and it's all been very good. I've learned we definitely do become our parents which I know is heard time and time again but so amazing when you realize it for yourself. I have become not only my father but also my mother, stepmother, grandfather, sister, and aunts and uncles... MAN! you pull everything up from the recesses of your brain for this shtuff!!!

But I have someone(s) to play catch with and go fly a kite, take bike rides, show places I've seen many times and have a legitimate reason to do Disney and the fair so it's been a very introspective and exhilerating time. Well, that's it for my true first entry so now if I'm only updating once, maybe twice a week, you'll know I'm stuck under a pile of laundry in my family room and it may take a while...have a nice day.

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DrM2B said...

U better check in more than 2xwk!! U have BLOGGER obligations now.....Lets get real here.....I takes a lot of time and energy to please my blogdom......and as queen of DRMLAND....I take it very seriously..... :) how often DO U read my blog??? or LURK in the shadows is more descriptive ....isnt it?!?!?