Sunday, January 01, 2006

Can you believe?

Feels like I JUST got over a cold and now appears that I have the Flu? Been running temps many digits over my norm and although we tried to maintain our reserved Cabin up north my partner woke this am at 4 to find me just short of literally on fire so we packed up and came home a day early where she has been incredibly patient and understanding.

I hate being sick but normally I can mainain - NOT this time. When I am ill like this I don't want to be touched I don't want to talk, I don't what to see anyone or deal with anything. She's NEVER seen me sick like this. Which is why I see she has that worried look on her face. I don't get fevers and to be as high as I have for the past three days now she's pulling out mother hen on me. I love her though...she's still sexy to me even as she yells at me to put on my scarf and take some medicine etc. She also knew to just go to bed and leave my ass on the couch when we got home this morning. Smart woman, I say it all the time.

So, I grew ill Friday and tried to maintain through the holiday and we did have a wonderful trip - place is Hoel's cabins in Oak Creek Canyon. We were so looking forward to just 'getting away from the things of man' as they have no phones, no television, just a fire place a kitchenette and woods, it was awesome and we did spend the night mostly - it was money spent but to be that far out and me not feeling well... She said I gave her the holiday last night, I felt really shitty about us leaving early but she truly does make me feel better about it all. Thanks, love.

Not the way I wanted to start the new year so for 2006 my NYR is to take better care and be in better health this year! Can I get an amen? lol


Laura said...

Amen!! That cabin looks great! We just got back from Canada and stayed in a place very similar to this. It had so much charm...
Hope you're feeling better soon!

Goeve said...

It was incredible. We'll definitely be making up the trip soon. And I AM feeling better, thanks. Loved your pics - great architecture!