Monday, January 09, 2006

Road Trip...cont.

Okay so previously we were checking out lawn ornamentation in the flesh...
This is a great small college town, Flagstaff of northern Arizona. I come frequently and used to school here once upon a time. The atmosphere is laid back (WAAAAAY back) and the people are friendly and easy going and sometimes a bit goofy.
Exhibit A) According to this sign, this window isn't just dangerous but VERY dangerous. The pic was necessary to show the emphasis placed on this urgent message.

Exhibits B (guys working on the downtown area) :

and C (Lover's Lane just west of campus) :

Okay so I'm just kidding on these two...pretty cool looking though aren't they...don't recall where I picked them up from but found a whole slew of 'em.

This one is perhaps my fave:

Okay well this post ended up all over the place. Got to stop taking METH.. WTF?!?! KIDDING people, just kidding...I'm at work for crying out I'll just end the rambling here and reconstruct my thoughts for another day. Adieu.

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DrM2B said...

Oh my god!!! I love those little people!1 U are too young to remember the show land of the giants ....but that totally brought back memories for me! (not that Im that old.....I saw the reruns).........teehee..M