Sunday, January 15, 2006

The simpler things...

I have griped a lot around the house lately. As I've posted before I've been sick with cold/flu something awful and we've now dubbed it the Bitch Cold, dun dun dunnnnn. So, although I've been cranky, in retrospect it's not that bad...but when I'm sick I really like space. That's not easy to come by in a house of 4 dogs, 2 birds, 4 children, several fish, and my girlfriend. Especially in a space that is just under 1600 sq ft!!! I keep saying more and more we need to move!!! I want a designated office, my OWN bathroom, and a garage! But in all honesty these are some of the things I truly enjoy although they may not know it. So after perusing blogs tonight and merging on some ideas I thought I'd sum up a brief 'thankful' list of sorts:

1) Having dinner discussions about why 14 year olds shouldn't wear thongs.
2) Debating the value of video games with an 8 year old, daily(dude your game sucks, really)!
3) I am known now as the psycho sock police of 4 children (8,9,13, and 14)
4) My partner calls me the "No Queen" and I like that. It's empowering damn it!
5) I get to play ball and fly kites and play gamecube and that's spending quality time.
6) I yell about dishes in the sink only to find out it's my girlfriend's cereal bowl, AGAIN!
7) Our 11 yr dog rides to drop the young 'uns to school; she makes us wait as she watches til they cross the sidewalk to class(not that we have a choice, she sees backpacks and blocks the front door).

8) Changing the kids password on the pc daily so they can't check out porn ( passwords have been, GO CLEAN, GOTCHA, NO WAY, BE PRODUCTIVE) and I love the expressions when I give them the code...LOL!

9) Christmas is a lot more fun...especially seeing all of the toys, clothes, sporting equipment and board game pieces all over the stairs for the next year...hmph!

10) HUGS, lots and lots of hugs.

Well that pretty much wraps up some of the good in our craziness in a an albit brief nutshell (is that redundant?) There's a lot to be thankful for truly, but today there was MUCH 'discussion' over a game at the park we played today which just made me laugh. We decided over Blizzards afterwards that the 8 year old will either become a lawyer or lobbyist...he just argues and negotiates until you are pulling out both his and your own hair. Keeps me sharp though...thanks kid.


Laurie said...

No Queen? I love it! LOL..

Feel better soon :-)

Spider Walk said...

Great blog ya got here. My 9 year old son is the same way. We think he is going to be a used car!

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment :)