Monday, June 19, 2006

Everyone needs some colour...

So my partner went out of town for the weekend and while she was gone I missed her very much. Now I always miss her but on occasion I also enjoy the time alone. This was not one of those times. Perhaps it's the pending trip to NY next week that has me in a more spirited mood buy I genuinely and greatly missed her. So while she was gone I went to CostCo and picked up a couple of those baloon kits. Had to travel west of my house to find they only had them at the location east of my house.

Anyway...three hours later and well into the morning after my eve shift, I blew up (with help of helium tank) 100 balloons.

Only 99 actually made it but I figure that's pretty good! So here are the pics - only wish I had one of her face when she entered the room - PRICELESS!!!! The ceiling was covered in them and by the afternoon when she got home they noly had about an hour or so left in them before they began dropping. Excellent timing. I fretted over it all morning. Kept the blinds drawn, fan on and maintained it as cool as possible to sustain "life". Hey it was only 110 today!!!

Made a "miss you" cd which I had playing when she entered the room. Gushy and stuff, yes; but it was so much fun and well worth it.

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Leesa said...

Wow..that is really sweet :)