Monday, June 26, 2006

NY Pride - quick blurb

Didn't get home tonight as planned so will try to catch a flight in the wee hours of the am tomorrow. To leave you with some vision of my last four, four? ... FIVE nights I've posted some pics of a place I spent just about every evening after walking and shopping the city. Check this place out for more details.

I will be posting actual pics of the events and sights seen, and those that were to be unseen, as soon as A) I get home and downloaded and B) I get the throw-aways developed and scanned. On the actual PARTY day (Sunday) we didn't risk taking our digital as there are FAR too many can there be such a thing????

Anyway, the bars are crazy packed beyond imagination and capacity ordinance means what exactly??? So once you get to the bar you park it and hope someone in your group is hamster-like (w/o bones) to get drinks ...also the streets are just as insane so it was just the safe way to go.

Back to my original and details will follow in the next few days. This is PRIDE SEASON people so show your colours and wear them proudly. If you ever have the opportunity to step out and show support it's a wonderful experience and those who have especially those that are "straight and not narrow" we love your energy and thank you.

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