Wednesday, June 07, 2006


So with the second of the grands slams coming towards a close it's been overall quiet until today. There's a new tennis teen star on the rise and she's passing up the "old timers" as we sit and watch. Nicole Vaidisova , 17 years old, is still in the running outing seed 1 Amelie Mauresmo and the ever popular Venus Williams. Damn girrrrrl!!!! There's been buzz about her going all the way this year, at least in France...I mean on the clay court...playing tennis; for crying out loud people! Get your head outta the gutter!?

Anyway, she isn't expected to go any further into the finals however she wasn't expected to get as far as she has already. Either way should she make it to the final round she'll be facing either Henin-Hardenne or Clijsters; ouch! I favor HH myself but Clijsters has made her point on more than one occasion so we'll have to see. I tend to not follow the French Open as much as I do Wimbledon or US and I don't watch or follow the Aussie at all but she may be someone to keep an eye on. Although I think I am more inclined to track Ana Ivonovic as well. There's something very Gabrielle about her...I dunno.

In the men's realm, it's Federer looking to take yet another title and record as well. This will be his straight 8 Slam showing should he make it into the semi-finals and if he wins he'll only need Wimbledon to make it four in a row. Again, I am a Safrin fan mostly because he has good hair (not a very good reason, I know) but I also can't and don't ignore Federer's skill. This guy is amazing and covers a court well, more than deserving his titles and reputation. But to be honest I haven't followed much of men's tennis since Boris Becker and Goran Ivanisevic; they were a lot of fun to watch.

No matter who is playing, however, there is only one hero on the court in my book and she is still just as amazing as ever. After decades of play she has acheived 18 Grand Slam Women's Singles Titles , 31 Women's Doubles Titles, and 9 Mixed Doubles Titles for a career (thus far) total of 58 GRAND SLAM TITLES. That's beyond applaudable. I've seen her speak in DC and she was inspirational and gracious and is so worthy of respect as an athlete.

Given the trials and tribulations shes been through in her career; what a Phoenix!!

Anyway, I was reading the latest on the tournament and thought I'd blurb on it.

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I love tennis..I need to catch up!