Saturday, June 17, 2006

Saving ScreeEch

Okay-there's a new link to the right which should take you HERE. Now I haven't done any research beyond reading the article I found in AZREPUBLIC and what was found on the website so it's up to you individually to verify if this is PR or true. If it is true, which something in me tells me so - then that really sucks and the scum sucking lawyer from NY does need to be facing some punishment as it's not too difficult to pick up a phone (ESPECIALLY when the other party is calling) and let someone know, "hey can't be done, good luck to you."

Instead, he chose to ignore the calls and let this guy sweat it out without giving him the chance to try another route. The timeline is sketchy so from what I read it was at least a month gone by that he was working with Arthur - any more than that and I may have gone for a second "plan B" route just in case but he did appear to be persistent with the phone calls to NY to get some answers. I don't know - if you care to or can do so - help him out.

There are many of those in need out there and I know he is a former celeb and that he jacked his own credit (maybe) but for myself, even if her weren't a celeb I give him credit for the creative means he's trying to gain the dough to save his abode so I am sending in my $20 (asking that he change the profanity) and getting a shirt hoping that perhaps it does ultimately save his domain.

I can't save everyone, but for those that cross my path at the right time when I can help out, I will do what I can to help out. So, if you want to read the buzz, click on the link above or to the right. If, I guess just don't click.

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Leesa said...

Interesting story!