Monday, July 24, 2006

favorite number!

Hayek is one of six executive producers on "Ugly Betty," debuting Sept. 22 (mark your calendars) on ABC. America Ferrera plays Betty Suarez, a plump, decidedly unhip girl from New York City's borough of Queens who works as an assistant to a fashion magazine publisher.

If I had a Tivo, it would already be set. I've enjoyed Hayeks mainstream films, but even more so, I've really loved her indie projects and heart/soul efforts(like Time of the Butterflies, Frida). She IS such a powerful actor in the industry that puts the quality before the quantity. It's not about the money but what's behind it. Not to say there haven't been some dumpy pictures made (em, Wild West? or Time Code?) but she continues to find ways to NOT play it safe.

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