Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Okay...number 5

I've actually sat on this one for a while because of her age...or at least what I thought was her age. She was born in '76 so I'm only 5 years apart which was a whew! I was feeling pervy, okay?

Anyway, Rachel McAdams, of Notebook, Mean Girls, and more recently Family Stone and Wedding Crashers - is a total cutie. There's something about her I just can't put my finger on. She's grounded (at least from print I've read), she has a sense of humor (wickedly), and is an up and coming actor with amazing talent and timing - considering her age and the projects she's been connected to they are touting her to be a great promise in the industry for years to come.

Like it was mentioned in one particular article some time back; where all of the celebrities (esp. young women) are involved in cat fights, partying, dealing with on/off relationships or engagements - just negative press in general, she's a breath of fresh air and among very few women (in the biz) who are graceful and poetic and promising.

Her celebrity comes from talent and hard work; not tabloid fodder and other bs. Of course, she does somewhat resemble someone I dated...which I didn't realize until I was checking out pics to list here. That was interesting to note...although, in my dating experience much charisma and good character was absent. I've completed my five (recap):

Salma Hayek
Sarah McLachlan
Susan Sarandon
Sara Ramirez
Rachel McAdams

... hey, no more Ss!


DrM2B said...

who was bumped??....Im too lazy to go and find the previous note of your list.......

Goeve said...

no one was actually bumped as 4 and 5 were rotating alternate, remember? In passing there's been Mary Elizabeth Mastrontonio, Anabeth Gish, Heche (can't say the whole thing..ew), and just others ... you know. But I feel pretty solid about these choices. Perhaps in my older age I'm settling down...LOL!?