Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Breaking the Chain

So today is my 3rd year anniversary for me and my partner. We're going to the Etheridge concert tonight. We went last August '05 as well which was the first time she saw her. For me, this will be my 5th? ... nope, 6th and each time I've seen her I've been with someone else. The first year I was with my ex at Mesa Ampitheater. Very awesome show and venue as it's outdoors and extremely small so every seat is a good seat and it's on the grass everywhere so very bohemian sort of. The second was at a larger venue a couple years later with some friends that came into town. The third was in DC at the rally concert the night before the march with a co-worker acquaintance. The fourth time I was again at MA with another former co-worker and good friend, Doc M. The fifth was last August with my sweetie, my sister and her girlfriend.

The reason I point this out is it's never been by design to see this woman with different folks it just always turned out this way. I made a joke of it last year to my hon that this was always the case - which I think is rather odd/interesting. It was almost as though I HAD to make sure we both saw her again to break the cycle so that we'd be together forever kinda sorta thing. Going to the show tonight will be the first time in over 10 years (and 6 shows) that I've seen Etheridge with the same person. May sound trivial but it sort of signifies something for me. My aunt has never seen her either so we bought her a ticket to come with us. She's cool like that and so in some way the cycle may incidentally continue but more importantly my partner and I will be seeing her again as well, together.
I'm looking forward to the show as I always do and she is always entertaining and talented to watch. It's going to be a neat feeling standing there tonight holding my love and singing along to Melissa and feeling everything kind of settle into place :)


DrM2B said...
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DrM2B said...
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Leesa said...

Wow..that should be a great time :)

Goeve said...

She was amazing as usual. Started exactly at 8:00 (on time) w/ no opener. Played over 2.5 hours non-stop and then came back for another 20+ minute encore. Phenomenal show! Her conversation throughout the show was inspiring and comical. She really grew a lot from her breast cancer struggle and she's just incredilbe. Bravo! The short hair rocks too!