Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Fat smasher!

So I'm working on the first Phase of the Fat Smasher diet - as seen on TV (VH1 celebrity fit club something or other). It's been interestingly painful, shall we say? It's restricted to fruits and vegetables with little to no carb/protein items. No soda meaning NO CAFFEINE and I'm on day five - ENDING day five I should say. I cheated a little by stepping on the scale a couple days ago...and although I lost a few pounds I'm not feeling it and by 9 days end it better be a helluva lot more to make this torture worthwhile.

After this phase I enter phase 2 which re-introduces meat product (i.e. chicken, fish, and turkey). I'm really looking forward to this phase because I am also allowed two cans of diet soda. Oh blessed phase 2.

I'll let you know how it all turns out and whether I give it my proverbial thumbs up or down. The first two days was ridiculous - headaches, bitchiness(sp?), and all sorts of uncomfortables but I suppose that is why the phase is labeled as Detox!?!?! Duh.

This is to jump start my metabolism and shed unwanted weight and girth in a hurry as I'm really looking forward to getting out much more this autumn. We did another hike up north a couple weeks back with the kids; checked out Beaver Creek area and was heading towards Red Rock Crossing however issues with the water held us at bay. With mudslides etc, there was a nasty bacteria in the water that prevented wading and swimming so we opted for a mud drive through Williams during a torrential downpour - MUCH fun. Checked out the Canyon area and Flagstaff before heading home. I'll list some pics as well.

Anyway, Havasupai Falls awaits and I'm not one to dissapoint so I'm eagerly waiting through these phases to something fantabulous. That's my story and you know the rest.

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