Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Still Camping!!!

Read this; great little story on how your camping experience(s) define who you are.

Of course I searched the recesses to recall my own experiences. I loved it. Absolutely didn't want to ever leave and return home. My cousin, on the other hand, cried pretty much the entire week. Was homesick and I had to hear about it. Me, I was box-hockey champ and learned how to dive...I was nine, a late bloomer.

Still remember Kumbaya, Baby Bumble Bee, and Little Rabbit Foo Foo sung around the camp fires. Ghost stories and the couselor in our dorm telling us to shut up already. The magic show held in the auditorium one evening after dinner. And, of course, Brownie Delight, this gooey warm fudgy ice cream and browine (duh) desert. I loved the smells, the sights, the sound, the fun, the laughter, the crafts; all of it.

If I could live like that, I'd do adolescence again but no other way.

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