Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Still fat smashin'...

As I posted .. eons ago, I was doing detox on the Fat Smash Diet and have lost just over 12 pounds and am into then next size down jeans * big smiles * ... I am sure I'd have lost more if I managed to get my ass in the gym however this was done being lazy. Not completely, I've been tasking chores about the house but not on the precor as I had envisioned. This week, 1/2 way into phase II, I will begin the gym journey and should increase my loss, I would think, twice as fast.

So, to recap, in a months time I'd have averaged 15 lbs. lost and maintaining a healthy eating habit to last me (hopefully) for the duration of life. That said, I turned - eh, 35 this week and actually feel physically better than I have in over a year. My energy levels have returned and my mind feels clearer as well, albeit full of strife...lol!

Actually, I voted in the primary today and hey, we do what we can and I'll just have to ease off the small stuff. I may not the be the twenty-something with a sign but I think I'll always have a bull horn in my heart regardless of how old I get. I'm just too Type-A.

Anyway, I continue to lose weight, gain perspective, and am everyday closer to nirvana. My eyes still on the prize which is Havasupai!!! Looking at making this happen - timeline definitely not October - anything later will be too cold so I'm shooting for March. I'm still very psyched. Oh, and my honey was out of town and brought me back some friends. Check 'em out...they are SO freakin' cool.

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Leesa said...

That is awesome :)
And cute little turtles!