Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Need to upgrade my phone

Remember Cat? Well, she has a beautiful green bell, breakaway collar to enhance her eyes. And this weekend at a flea market, I acquired a really cool cat house for her. It's that hard outdoor plastic with a built-in scratchy roof thingie and a front door and back (circle) exit for that quick getaway. She loves it! Best $13 bucks ever!

Well, strolling out to the car today getting to work and she's lounging on the hood of my vehicle still warm from my gym run earlier. But, alas, something is wrong. Her left eye appears a bit puffy and there's a sticky? matted clump of hair on her forehead.

The puff may be a mosquito bite as I was ate alive while I slept yesterday afternoon. We've had a major problem in the neighborhood - as cold as it is you think the buggers would be gone by now?!?!?! So I'm hoping it's just a bug bite. But with the hair disheveled I'm thinking maybe a brawl?

Then I come to work tonight and am advised that male cats tend to grab the female's face when "socializing" and the kids did mention the cat sounded possessed the day before so ...

Now that's she's put on weight and healthy, eating regular, has a home - she's in heat? Yea, so she's going to the vet ( long overdue but have had no time, all right?!) to get checked out and make sure she's okay and if she's not preggers, she's getting fixed ASAP! Kitty condo isn't that big and we don't need a litter so I've my fingers crossed.

(I really got to get some better pics of her, this cell cam just isn't cutting it.)


Leesa said...

Cats in heat can be quite annoying and loud!
I always fix mine ASAP..lol.

Debbie said...

Oh, she's a beauty!