Wednesday, October 04, 2006

New animal...

At this present time, our house consists of two women, two teens, to adolescents, four dogs, three birds, four turtles, a fish, and now our latest addition ... a cat. This cat belonged ??? and the neighbors across the street began feeding her as she was apparently a stray. Well, she lingered on to our side of the road and chose not to leave unless to use prev neighbor's yard for a litterbox. So we feed her, pat her head on the way in, and the kids pick her up and hold her when playing out front. Her name is, well, Cat. They called her Angel but mmm, yea, no. She's a sweet cat but one of our girls would love to turn her into a dog toy so she's to remain outside and hopefully she'll do alright. I am hoping to make some time next week to have a vet check her out and get her fixed if she isn't already which I doubt she is. Also just to be sure she isn't FLV+ or anything. She's light as a feather but seems healthy.

Anyone know if the Humane Society in PHX still fixes strays for free or a donation?

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