Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Where the Wild Things Are!?

I've tried for some time now to create a post and Blogger has sufficiently pissed me off and wasted my time tonight.

In a nutshell, we went camping weeks ago and I've finally got time to blab about it. Took the 13 year old dog who's never been camping before, and the baby.

They are both piggy girls who love to be dirty and ruffin' it in general, lol. Here are some pictures - no beatles this time just toads, lizards, 'pillars, and an incredible full moon.

Ella ... close up and personal...yea she looks thrilled - but she really was. Fresh air makes her crazy!

Kowabunga, DUDE!!! Breakfast is ON! Eggs and bacon anyone?! This is one of the kids "chilling" by the fire pit our first morning, I think. I just woke up and was getting breakfast started as well as the fire.

Breakfast is my fave when camping, just leisure morning, fresh food, full tummy, and a FULL DAY. We hiked tons later that day. First pic shows Ally watching the girls (Teen and Friend) mastering the rocks

OOOhhhhhh, Fire!!!! We did have quite a blaze going noon and night. It certainly helps to keep the bugs away. And other things...we were in bear country and I was a bit curious to see how the dogs would be but we had them leashed up to a runner that I rigged across the camp from trees so they could run, not wander. The weather was beautiful and we had a blast - looking forward to heading back up for a couple nights after it snows!!!

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