Monday, November 13, 2006

I suck!

This isn't some perverted post although I am quite disgusted with myself. For anyone who is unfamiliar with NANOWRIMO it's a one month assignment to write 50,000 words in 30 days. Beginning November 1st, you have a deadline of November 30 and you keep track and have writing lunches and write-ins and just a marathon of writing in general.

I am at approximately 6,000 words which is so entirely shy of where I should be right now. It's just ridiculous and the biggest problem is I cannot get it out of me. I've always been a hobby writer, a stress writer, whatever you want to call it but never finish. I have tons of peices of stories, books, etc. but nothing completed. Figuring this exercise would be a great way of actually completing a novel, albeit a bad one, I'd have crossed that hurdle and maybe be able to accomplish something.

Instead I've written pages upon pages of fantasy mixed with non-fiction and in essence I'm working out my head through what I've written. It's more of a journal or even perhaps, a wannabe journal than anything else. Granted I discovered this "contest" at the 11th hour so prep time was null but I have nothing. I've truly nothing to say - nothing of substance, no plot, nor character development.

I'm really just venting right now because I'm blocked and I'm half way into the month and no where near 10,000 words let alone 25K!!!! UGH!

Hey, next week I plan on hitting the library at least once - ONCE! I mean it. Then with my mp3 and my solace I can create some witty banter and enigmatic moments. Yea, okay.

Actually, I was recalling last night's movie as I was just ready to post this. Saw the movie....ummmmm Stranger than Fiction, that is it. It was Emma Thompson and Will Ferrell. Love Emma. Anyway, she goes to great lengths to move past her blocks and while I watched it I thought some of those tactics were brilliant. Hm? Maybe I'll invoke some of those methods...


DrM2B said... mean it?!?...REALLY??!.....R U surrre?.....positively suuuure?.....ab-so--lutely suuuuure??

W E L C O M E 2 MY world ....the land of writers BLOCK!

ahhhhh....sweet Karma!!!

Goeve said...

oh yea...? u suck