Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I'm sick! I've been sick for days. Hon thought she had some allergies earlier last week which turned real quick to a cold. She thought she'd share - she's thoughtful like that. LOL. Guess it came from Flagstaff as some friends have experienced similar symptoms - i.e. allergy feel. So I am full blown head cold with no relief (no meds / babies). WOW! Living off 2-3 hours sleep a day and have literally blown through nearly 3 large tissue boxes. Nose is raw and ready to fall off. My skull aches, cheek bones, jaw, teeth - all in throbbing pain.

Called doc but still awaiting call back - OBs are not generally available on the fly - appts are made well in 30 days advance. Hoping to squeak in today or tomorrow and gain some relief. Depending on who you ask some otc meds are ok and then not. OYE!

In the meatime, I am vegging on the couch catching up on soaps - man have they become boring - and finally signing on to catch up on my boards and email. Discovered two of my "preggo peers" had premature labor/delivery. The babies (each had twins) were 2 lbs. give or take an ounce or two. Everyone is doing well but how scary!! Then on one of my other boards (the women I ttc along with) they have had three deliveries. They were only a couple of weeks early. They were ahead of us on the IVF train. One was unfortunatley stillborn.

You get to know these women so well especially the GLBT moms that tried conceiving while we were - you talk about your failed attempts, miscarriages, "formulas" to success. It's heartbreaking when things go wrong. But it's an amazing sisterhood - we are all so very supportive of one another it's truly wonderful.

Babies have been kicking up a storm these last couple days of bed rest and my ankles are definitely back to normal doing nothing but having my feet up for the past...week! Hon and I sat on the couch last night just watching my tummy bounce around. She get such a blast out of them. Makes me laugh - putting a smile on my face just thinking about it now. LOL! Anyway - got more catching up to do. I'll get some pics from Flag posted as soon as I get off my cooly.

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