Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Been a long time since I remember what it's like to breathe through my nose. I'm on Sudafed pretty regular now. After visiting ob last week the RN said I ought to take some to get relief. I don't know if the cold transitioned to allergies or if it is preggo related; I'm just over it!!! Babes still moving about daily. Definitely feel "righty" more oft than "lefty" but Hon tends to feel "lefty" most. We're thinking Boy/Girl more and more esp. since the heartbeats have been so different. Hey, we can wish.

We had names in our heads for the past 6 months for boys and a girl...we never could connect on a secondary (back-up) choice for a girl's name. Well, the name we DID have we grew tired of. I just didn't care for the sound suddenly so...we're back to square 1 on the girl name. Then Hon decides she's not terribly crazy for primary boy's name any longer. SO secondary boy's name is now the choice and we are seeking a girl's and two secondary names for boy and girl.

We've been working like mad to get the house up to snuff. Painted the bedroom, bought new master bedroom furniture, cleaned out the garage HGTV style. We made sections, Throw Away, Give Away, Storage, and USE NOW! It was very affective and we got the entire deal done in just under 5 hours. We had the front yard landscaped and the saguaro removed from the front of the house just yesterday - that was cool to watch.

I envisioned it would be much like a watermelon crashing to the ground weighing tons, obviously however it was more like a slammed cucumber. It split and the arms shook off but no SPLASH! per se. There are some budding arms I'm going to replant and give away to people who wanted them. I've been working, via internet, to find someone to relocate it. No one every followed through or they wanted a grand to take it.

It's not fitting with our landscaping plans and it's location really wasn't safe. After they took about an inch of the skin from around the trunk off the tree began swaying. The lower half was grey to begin with, stood near 30 feet tall, and had at least 6-7 arms that were all quite large themselves.

This thing would kill somebody if it fell the wrong way. So, it's done. Hon felt guilty for all the critters who dwelled in it however there is another on the side of our house that is in healthier condition they can relo to as well as trees we have all around the property so...change is good - they'll find new cheese. Found an old pic from before we bought the house to show the cactus in it's glory... if you look close you can see how narrow the bottom of this sucker is.

Feeling very accomplished this past week. Still some stuff to do...new carpet coming week after next and minivan shopping later this week as well. We get new pics this Wednesday - VERY excited - hopefully we'll see lots of hair!! I was born with NONE, grew NONE, and still have NONE, really. Anyway, I'll post when I get 'em.

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