Sunday, September 07, 2008

cell pics

Cell phones really need to get better at this...does anyone even talk on these things anymore ANYWAY?!

My how they have grown. SO much has changed. I was clearing my photos off my phone to get an upgrade and as I was emailing them to myself, in just three months time, I witnessed just how much they've matured. They sleep through the night, smile all the time, and are starting to grab things...mostly my hair.

The hats don't come close to fitting them anymore where they once would fall off their tiny heads. Those pjs (they came home in them, baggy) no longer fit at all!

I love this shot. Momma was holding her and I kept trying to capture her serenity but I do have to say I failed. My little 1.3 mega pixel just couldn't do the job. But it's still a great silhouette.

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