Sunday, October 26, 2008


Thought he would surprise us with some bite first but after momma fed her fresh pears I was wiping up her mouth and she sucked in my finger - low and behold she bit me! I pulled down her bottom lip and found the two cutest little white bits peekin' back at me. I began to scream, "She's got teeth!" over and over and she started crying and everyone came running from all corners of the house. We laughed and cried (a little) and made phone calls to all the grams and pops in the land.
I tried hard as I could to get a pic of them. She was relentless. I tried the bottle first, no good, then my finger; still no good. I tried two fingers, her tongue would cover - this girl was very protective of her new grown teeth. But alas, after much perseverence, and about 20 min., I captured GOLD!!! Now I check Grayson at least twice a day - NOTHING! He's taking his time.

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