Wednesday, October 22, 2008

the TWIN tycoons

The "big ones", aka Kara and EJ, went to Party City to surprise us with baby costumes for their first Halloween. Well, they actually found one for Grayson but not Chloe.
Isn't he dashing?! Not to be outdone by her twin bro, they dressed Chloe in it as well. She looks pretty good as well, the little Drag King she is!
We went to so many different stores to find her SOMETHING to wear that was complimentary. When that failed we checked those same several store for something equally as cute/clever. Still no go. Finally we found her a costume that was at least color coordiated to his and can maybe be pulled off as a cocktail dress with his suit?
She's a ladybug - we haven't had the full ensem on her yet, we'll see how best it fits together on day of - but let me just say the girls, at least in this town, get robbed.
The boys section has race car drivers, firefighters, po po, astronauts - and yes, a girl could wear them but #1, they aren't as cute on the girls for the way they are made, and #2 if I dressed her in that this early in the game they would think they were twin boys and she'd be mad years later that her two lez moms tried to gender role or rather, NOT gender role her - or whatever - forget it - she's a ladybug*, dammnit!
*Note the ladybug in A Bug's Life was a guy! I'm just sayin'.

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