Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Happy New Year 2009! Whoo Hooo Hooo...

Yes, that is with sarcasm. You see, my hon and I spent new year's eve in the ER at John C. Lincoln (and the subsequent 4 days as well).
Grayson had been running a fever since Monday night (before the new year). By Wednesday (1/31) afternoon, I went home for lunch, his fever was at 103+ and that was after Baby Ty so I left work and took him to urgent care. They exclaimed his heart was racing over 200 and his fever was extreme (104) and I needed to take him to ER asap.

Went to er, they checked temps and admitted him to the children's triage. After an IV and catheter for urine and blood samples we waited. They took xrays and thought they found a mass in his abdomen, great ( negative ) then they wanted to check for heart disease due to blue-ing around his lips, mouth, and extremities ( fever related ), then they finally admitted him with a white cell count well over 10 times what it should have been. We were in our room when the ball dropped.
For the next several days I laid in a chair with him affixed almost constantly on my chest with fevers, vomitting, and the occasional test. We had CATs and Xrays, ultrasounds, and contrast dye tests. He was getting so ticked that after day three? he started screaming when I went to change his diaper.

We kept him well hydrated and his appetite, mostly, remained good. We were finally released this past Sunday and when we tried to undress to dress him he spazzed so we gave him a moment to love his sock and enjoy his bottle before proceeding.

Once he realized we were putting clothes on him (after spending days in only a onesie) he smiled, BIG! He didn't complain once as we put him in his car seat. He smiled the whole way out of the hospital until Jeff, our wonderful nurse and catheter villain, said g-bye to him. He furrowed his brow and didn't want any part of that.

He's on antibios til next week, his fevers ceased Saturday night, and the kidney and UTI is under control and we have a follow up with our Ped next Monday. Boosters for this Wed. have been pushed back so we'll see.
Chloe hung with Gma and Gpa and is now home and spoiled!!! They both are; they spent a great part of last night in bed with us. Re-training begins tonight. But he did amazing - was such a good boy. If it were Chloe it would be a sweat pouring, nerve splitting experience for me. Hon had a rough time. It's odd how I usually have him and she, Chloe but when they are hurt or uncomfortable she melt me and he, her. Anyway, they were enjoyed once they got back home as they were missed greatly!
New year is on!

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Lynn Daniels said...

What a scary experience! I'm glad things are looking better, though.

The bottle/sock photo is way too sweet.

Happy New Year!