Monday, January 19, 2009

Vegas getaway

Hon fowarded me an email she rec'd last Monday declining an invite from friends to go to Vegas. She figured with babies and work, we just couldn't get away last minute to surprise her wife for her 40th!

I was at work when I rec'd the email and thought, let's do this. I contacted my father to line up babysitting; check! The big ones and little ones were going to stay with their dad; check! I got the days off; check, so we have no further obstacles. She came home from work Thursday and I told her we were going and to give F a call to let her know we were on board. We met at F and K's house that Saturday morning before 6 and our other friends showed up with donuts and coffee. There were six of us sneaking through the garage, decorating the kitchen, then headed upstairs armed with a camera. I know - it was mean and cruel and if this were my house it wouldn't fly as the dogs would have been bezerk. Anyway, we slam the bedroom door in the hallway and F opens her master door and we yell surprise, snap pics, get cursed at and laugh as we eat donuts and load the car.
I have been to Las Vegas numerous times and have never had such a wonderful time as this past weekend. We were four to a car, made great time, mooned each other down the highway; just had a blast. We threw some money away, walked the strip and took tons of pics (I'll have to post another day) and went to the buffet for dinner.

I hadn't had crab legs in forever so I piled them on. I think that was pretty much all I did eat once I started. We hung out at Flamingo for a while and enjoyed the scenery (read: pole dancers), we called her Raven.We laughed and joked with one another, lost more money, and then hon and I headed back to the room. We felt like two teens home alone before someone's parents got off work. It was so nice to have alone time which hasn't happened in FOREVER!

So we are enjoying our time alone as K and F stayed downstairs to play a bit longer. Suddenly, Hon felt bumps on my stomach and sides and back and ...hives. I am apparently allergic to crab - or something. I had shrimp only days prior so ??? Fortunately, Hon had a benadryl for me and all was good within minutes.

We came home the next day and picked up the Bogos - they were so very happy to see us and evidently Grandpa taught Chloe how to shake her head "no" - thanks dad. It was such a nice getaway and we had such a pleasant no rush 24 hours - it was really odd how time just slowed down and allowed us to relax. It was so nice to be able to pull it off and everyone had a really fun time. I guess we all needed it.


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